Luis Suarez to go to Chelsea?

08 July 2013 09:15

There are strong rumours throughout the club that Suarez will be signed for Chelsea before the beginning of the season, as he is unhappy with the way Liverpool have treated him, and the fans turning on him in that he will not be able to start the season still, being banned. Chelsea with the wealth of talent on the pitch and in reserve can wait. The question is whether he will be able to cope with behaving under the flashy lights in the trendy London wine bars and fancy exclusive clubs, especially in the Chelsea night life.

He seems to be a player that could be provoked even by the slightest to get into a brawl or incident. He will also be the target for the kiss and tell girl mob and the call girl trap looking to make a small fortune from selling stories. Oh yes and of course flashy cars and the trouble they seem to cause super star players, this is the issue Chelsea will be concerned about signing such a player because he has predictability.

He will also have to face and hear opposing fans calling him Dracula. In my mind he is destined for this club as the man to replace Torres who quite frankly can’t be back to his former Liverpool days, Chelsea will have to take both sides of a great player.


Source: DSX

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