Luis Suarez, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

By 03 June 2013 10:05

If Luis Suarez is looking to get away from Liverpool, he is off to a good start. Suarez gave a few interviews this past week to the local media in his home country of Uruguay and basically blamed everyone but himself for the media scrutiny he has received in England.

There is no sense in rehashing Suarez’s exploits’ over the last couple of years. They are well documented and have been spoken about on every radio show in the country. In recent weeks, Bayern Munich, Juventus and of course Real Madrid have all been reported to have an interest in Suarez. I say “of course” about Real Madrid, because they are always interested in everyone all the time. Suarez out of the blue decides the time is right to blame the media for is hard life in England. Is this because he is finally able to talk about it or an orchestrated move to get to a team that can offer more than Liverpool?

By offer more, I mean Champions League football or at least the Europa League which Liverpool cannot do at this time. This game plays out every year with at least one player. It goes like this: A team shows interest in a player, the player complains about something, the team says the player is not for sale and in a month or so, the player is sold. We are seeing the beginnings of that with Gareth Bale at Tottenham so why should Suarez be any different.

As much as Liverpool would like to keep Suarez, can they endure much more of the heartache he brings to the team and their fans? Suarez is a great player, of this, there is no doubt but again is he worth having to apologize for him two to three times a year and endure the embarrassment he brings to the club.

If Liverpool does part with Suarez, then the time is now while there is money to spare. This gives Brandon Rodgers the time to adjust his front line to compensate for the loss. Suarez will easily bring £30 to £40 million and Liverpool could use this money to strengthen a team that looks to make a run at the top four this coming season.

Source: DSG

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