Luis Suarez: Replaceable or Irreplaceable at Liverpool?

30 July 2014 08:36

Some nights, this talisman looked like a superpower from another planet. Whether it is the 40 yards long range screamer or the trickery against Norwich City, or the free kick against the Citizens, or his wonderful quick feet against QPR or his brilliant work rate against Arsenal. Luis Suarez is unreal. He has tortured the best center backs and outrun the fastest full backs. Yes he bites and abuses and picks up a ban every other season, but he picks up goals. And he creates them.

He is a footballer made in the street. His instincts and his unpredictability is out of this world. To describe his solo goal against Norwich, nobody expected him to put in a burst of space like that and run at goal. Nobody expected him to weave out of a small troop of defenders surrounding him, and his flick over the last defender was his piece of genius! And to add to it, he paused slightly before shooting, yet another piece of unpredictability.

You simply cannot tell what this man will do next. He passed when you think he will shoot; he is selfless even though he is a brilliant goal-getter. He shoots when you expect him to…well…do anything but shoot. He did not even take a touch before shooting from 40 yards. His curlers have troubled teams big and small.

His dribbling cannot be replaced. His direct runs are well executed by many strikers, Daniel Sturridge being one of them. But his mazy runs, where he nutmegs anyone in the way, are way too unique to be copied by anyone. He fights injuries like no other player. He hates being subbed. Very few players have that kind of strength and drive. He lifts the team spirits up when he plays.

But Liverpool was wise to let him go. Of course, he has been mentally disturbed with what has gone through and he really might not have meant to bite people. But there are no excuses to mistakes happening again and again. However talented he may be, there is no doubt that he was tarnishing the club’s image.

And no player can ever be bigger than the club he plays for. And a certain Daniel Sturridge is resurrecting himself to levels such that Chelsea Football Club might be regretting a lot.

Source: DSG

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