Luis Suarez' evolution and treatment of media crises

By 25 November 2013 09:57

Liverpool’s striker Luis Suarez once claimed that the English press have “attacked him unfairly” and “Just judged his attitude”, before revealing that this ‘attacking’ could force him to switch countries. A move that never happened after a clause to leave was never actually written in his contract, thus Arsenal's cheeky £40,000,001 offer being rejected.

To be honest the media would have a hard time avoiding the bad controversies that have not just stained, but completely overshadowed his career. This is a bloke whose extensive list of behavioural mishaps includes racism, two separate biting incidents, and an attempt to punch another player in the face.

The Uruguayan claims that the English media “haven’t appreciated him as a player”, I tend to disagree, and believe that his gift as a footballer is widely accepted and documented, however it is just overshadowed by his escapades.

Much like John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Ashley Cole and Peter Crouch. You do silly things you’re going to get caught out sooner or later and being a role model you should keep well clear of trouble.

I googled what a couple of journalists and pundits had to say at the time of Suarez’s bite on Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanović.

Former Liverpool player and BBC’s Mark Lawrenson said:

“He’s a world-class player, but he gives you world-class trouble”

Which is fair, and a clear acknowledgement of Suarez’s ability on the pitch.

Oliver Holt, who writes for the Daily Mirror, also felt that there had been an overreaction to the incident:

“It became a witch-hunt very quickly, and I do feel the FA were punishing the man and not the offence [with the 10-match ban]”

These examples show support and sympathy for Suarez, and definitely acknowledging his talent on the football pitch; which makes Suarez’s comments seem rather pointless. In addition the true football fan knows he’s a character and I’m sure Liverpool fans continue to love him as let’s be honest all in this game are fickle.

Of course, the media massively condemned the biting incident, as I believe is right and which has no place in the game.

Been racking the issue over in my head and I genuinely cannot see there has been nothing too malicious or unreasonable from the British press, it is a lot more vicious in other countries so I think he should be grateful people take the time out to read his obviously well constructed apologies by a good PR team on the Liverpool website.

Luis Suarez has built up his own reputation in the few seasons he has been at Anfield, mostly negative yes but it is one that he hasn’t helped himself with and if papers can be sold on the back of his escapades then the press will continue to be on his back for years to come yet. It’s an entertainment industry nowadays and any hype that can be built up pre game on the back of an incident will so too only increase viewing figures for Murdoch and Sons.


Source: DSG

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