Liverpool's transfer effectiveness under Rodgers compared to the doomed reign of Hodgson

14 October 2013 04:01

The question many have been asking is, what is the difference between Roy Hodgson and Brendan Rodgers transfers dealings so far. Well for a start, Rodgers has a clear plan of what he wants in the transfer market and that is to buy mainly players aged 23 and under who have the talent and can be progressed and become stars of the future. You could argue that Rodgers didn’t really have a choice, but for me another key is him bringing through youngsters from the academy . The likes of Raheem Sterling and Jordon Ibe for example.

Brendan is laying down the platform to a very successful future whereas Hodgson on the other hand really didn’t have a plan in the transfer market and in truth, brought the club back a few years by buying players like Joe Cole who really was just a gamble, considering the extremely high wages he demanded.

Another example of where Hodgson had no plan whatsoever was when he brought in Pual Konchesky from his old side Fulham for a fee of around 3.5m plus a very talented youngster from the academy named Alex Kacaniklic. If you ask me that was just ludicrous and highlights my frustrations of why Roy Hodgson was so poor in the transfer market.

Although Hodgson didn't have a plan in the transfer market and really put us back a couple of years, I am going to jump to his defence and many of you may not agree but, I feel that he wasn't really supported in the transfer market. Having said that things are more stable now and Rodgers has a clear plan that the owners are buying into which leads me to believe why they are backing him in the transfer market. It is all about trust and I feel Rodgers has earned the trust of the owners by having a clear plan and philosophy, whereas Hodgson looked totally out of depth and lacked a clear plan which lead to his demise.

Moving on from the clear contrast of the two plans of both managers you can see that Rodgers really does have the backing from the owners and fans and we are now starting to reap the rewards on the pitch and in the academy where the youngsters are learning off some of the greatest players in the world and you can clearly see the style of play which is passing and possession that the youngsters are learning off the coaches and more experienced first team players.

Rodgers has really helped in the development and confidence of the academy and its players by playing the likes of Sterling and Ibe in the first team, which is giving the other youngsters the belief that they can also make it. With Rodgers’ clear plan and philosophy it is clear to see that he has been more effective then Hodgson was in the transfer market.

I will now be giving you a few examples of the difference between Hodgson and Rodgers in the transfer market with figures and the players brought in and out by both managers. Roy Hodgson brought in a total of 7 players for a total fee of 23,850,00m which you could argue isn't that bad but, the players he brought in included the likes of ageing players such as Joe Cole, Christian Poulsen and probably the worst of all Paul Konchesky.

The above mentioned may not have cost very much, but in the long run they have which affected our transfers a year later. With the extremely high wages they demanded while not actually delivering on the pitch.

Hodgson also sold 8 players for around 26,050,000m the main transfer going out was him selling Mascherano to Barcelona for a fee of 17,250,00m while bringing in Poulsen which was extremely underwhelming and disappointing for us Liverpool supporters. Weakening the team at the same time.

On the other hand Rodgers has come in and set out a clear plan which has encouraged the owners the back him in the transfer market. Brendan has brought in a total of 15 players for around 94,700,000m with Sturridge and Coutinho being the main success stories while being very shrewd signings at the same time.

Sturridge and Coutinho were brought in for a combined fee of around 20,500,500m. Considering what they have done on the pitch that is incredible. Rodgers also had a clear plan of bringing in youngsters. Coutinho, Luis Alberto and Thiago Ilori being the main ones.

Brendan also got rid of 18 players for a total fee of 41,700,000 with much respects to the legend that is Kenny Dalglish many of them being his very expensive failures, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Charlie Adam being the main ones. He also got rid of all the dead wood and has really made our squad much stronger then it was last season and you can see it paying off in the first team and at the academy. So without a doubt, you cannot even compare Roy Hodgson to Brendan Rodgers. One had a clear plan and is reaping the rewards the other is now the laughing stock of many of us Liverpool supporters. Much credit must go to Rodgers and long may this good run of form and transfer activity continue. IN BRENDAN WE TRUST.


Source: DSG