Liverpool turn down yet another bid for their star man

24 July 2013 09:15

So, after all this talk about a clause in Luis contract, it turns out it isn't exactly straight forward as people thought. As everyone knows, normally when a club makes a bid and triggers a clause then they can be forced to sell, but in this case all it means is they have to inform Suarez about the recent bid and can still reject it.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool have rejected this approach and rightfully so. I think every Liverpool fan can relax at the moment, I’m certainly relaxed about the situation anyway. You can understand Brendan’s frustration, I mean Arsenal come with a laughable £30 million bid and Real Madrid value him at a ridiculous £25 million.

Liverpool aren't going to be pushed around in this transfer battle, and Rodgers also stated this in a recent interview with sky sports as well as saying Liverpool are in total control of this situation and NOT the player.

A player like Suarez deserves to be playing in the champions league, but I’m fully convinced Liverpool will be giving him that opportunity next season. I also believe the club needs him to fulfill that champions league dream.

I agree that if a player like Cavani as gone to PSG for £55 million then the value of Suarez as got to be in the same bracket, if not more. Another reason for Liverpool fans to breathe easily is that his agent, Pere Guardiola as told Liverpool that although he does want to play in the champions league he will not force through a move. Steven Gerrard as also had his say and as continued to remind him that there is ‘’a lot of love’’ for him from the club, the players and the fans.

End of the day Luis Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world, you can’t argue with that fact and Arsenal will have to pay a lot more money than what they are used to forking out. Fair play to Brendan Rodgers, you can see he’s in complete control and at the moment he’s not budging.


Source: DSG