Liverpool ready to battle Manchester United for Brazilian defender Dede

21 March 2013 09:31

Liverpool are ready to commit massive funds to take on Manchester United in the race to land the next Brazilian superstar.

Centre-half Dede has been identified as the man the Samba nation will build their team on for the World Cup they are hosting in 2014.

And his club, Vasco da Gama, have confirmed this week he WILL be sold in the summer.

The club from Rio have hit massive financial problems after being pursued by federal tax authorities for unpaid debts, and they have admitted they will be forced to sell to the highest bidder to stave off the threat of liquidation.

That means attempting to get an auction going to realise an asking price of around £15million, with the likes of Liverpool, United, Juventus and Benfica all making enquiries about the 24-year-old.

Speaking this week, Vasco director general Cristiano Koehler confirmed a decision has been taken to allow Dede to leave, given the debts the club must address to avoid the threat of bankruptcy.

“We can’t mislead the fans, we will find it very difficult to hold on to Dede because the club needs the resources, and at some point it will happen - by the middle of the year,” the official explained.

“The desire of all is that he stays, but we have to prioritise the payment of wages, taxes and federal agreements, so it is inevitable we will have to sell - so it is possible, in the middle of the year when the sale goes through, we can use the money to restructure the club and make it safe.

“The player is ambitious and he also wants to experience better opportunities with better pay, and the partners in his ownership want to make the agreement now to develop their investment.

"We have a balance sheet we must meet, and we can’t hide the fact.”

source: The Mirror

Source: DSG

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