Liverpool in the hunt for Arsenal target Loic Remy

27 May 2014 08:26

Loic Remy has shown himself to be one of the rising stars of the Premier League in recent times and now it appears that Liverpool are seeking his services for a reputed £8m.

For someone so good, this seems to be a bargain, but can Brendan Rodgers handle such a package as the indomitable Mr Suarez, coupled with Loic Remy as well? Will he be pipped by Arsene Wenger, who has been courting Remy at the Emirates for some time?

Either way, what is certain is that whoever Remy decides to sign with, it will make for an interesting season next year.

If he is to play in red, then he can move on to great success at the club, but there will be other clubs, including Manchester City, who will see this low amount and think to themselves that they too could bag a bargain.

The choice will be Remy’s and will be an interesting one for fans.

Source: DSG