Liverpool FC supporter letters

04 November 2009 12:00
THE game at Fulham was a disgrace. After 20 minutes of controlling the ball but not doing anything with it I remember thinking to myself, we are going to lose this.

I thought this because of the general attitude of the players - strolling around, passing, passing, passing but to no great effect, no urgency whatsoever.

The tempo was of an end of season nothing to play for game. The problem with these players is pure and simple  - they do not have the mental determination to win the league. Oh yes, they all want to win but they seem to forget, so do the other team. The question is how badly do you want it?

Do you want it with lung-busting, sinew-stretching, sweat soaked endeavour? Yes, of course, when it's Manchester United, the whole world is watching you and the 'crisis' is swirling around.

But on a quiet sunny day by the Thames - absolutely not. Babel's a disgrace. He came on and the very first thing he did was to give a simple ball away.

He then strolled around doing nothing. Voronin just isn't bothered, Degen the same.

Kuyt for all his work just does not have the necessary skill. In fact it was him trying (at least he tries!) to keep the ball in play that led directly to Fulham's goal. He just doesn't have game intelligence and gives the ball away too often.

I could go on but it's simple - not a single Fulham player would get in to Liverpool's first team. So how come they beat us?

Because they wanted it more than we did. And you cannot get a greater condemnation than that.


THE sense of relief emanating from defenders when star players of the Torres and Benayoun calibre are substituted is very apparent.

They feel free now to support their attack and put more pressure on our defence, affecting the whole balance of the game.

It does not matter if the substitutions are due to injury, tiredness or to save them for Champions League games, unless we can field players of a similar class, then the result may not be in Liverpool's favour.

Jack H, Birkenhead

I CAN'T believe how poor we played at Fulham.

That was one of the worst Liverpool performances I have witnessed. A true backward step from last year. Season over in November unless there is a massive turnaround. We won't live in Europe this year.


BEING a Liverpool fan is about loyalty, sticking with the team and with the manager even when things are tough.

Let's stop moaning and support the team and the manager. We nearly won the league last year, and right now we are being hammered with injuries. Let's trust in Rafa to get it right. Other teams clamour to get the manager out after a few bad results.

We are  not other teams, we are LFC so let's behave like the best fans in the world and be supportive.


Source: Liverpool_Echo