Lionel Messi presents adidas F50 adiZero micoach boot

10 November 2011 03:27
Who remembers when football boots were simple little things?

They were always black (a trim of white maybe), always laced down the middle, always had studs and none of that fancy stuff that added more swerve to a shot.

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Bootiful: adidas's latest offering is set to take footwear to the next level

Boots have come a long way since the Copa Mundials of the late 1970s, taking on different colours, weights and designs to extract the absolute maximum from striking a football.

But none will have matched adidas's upcoming weapon about to be launched during this wave of international matches.

Star approval: Tottenham's Gareth Bale (left) and Liverpool's Luis Suarez are set to take to the field with Wales and Uruguay respectively with the new design

As revealed by sportsmail last month, the F50 adiZero micoach boot is poised to take footwear in the sport to a new level.

It records player-specific data with an innovative miCoach Speed Cell chip placed in the cavity of the outsole, which captures 360 degree movements and measures key performance metrics such as speed and distance.

And if that's too much to take in all in one go, check out the German designer's promotional videos featuring Barcelona's Lionel Messi and members of the Ajax academy, which help demonstrate how the simple art of kicking a ball can be turned into a social and scientific activity.

Leading Premier League players, including Luis Suarez, David Silva, Samir Nasri , Ashley Young, Emmanuel Adebayor, Stewart Downing and Gareth Bale, have put the smart boot to the test during training sessions in recent weeks before wearing them competitively for the first time this month.

The boots are set to retail for ?245 - including the chip - but it's a small price to pay for being able to compare yourself to the greats of the game.

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Source: Daily_Mail