Kuyt wants more wins

08 November 2010 07:43
Dirk Kuyt wants Liverpool to keep their run of wins going. Yesterday's 2-0 defeat of Chelsea was the Reds' fourth win in a row and Kuyt is hoping they can keep that run going when they play Wigan on Wednesday night. "It was a great result and a great team effort. We have to be honest and admit Chelsea did well in the second half but we defended like a team," said our numbder 18. "We are playing better every week and we have now won four games in a row. "The quality and the strength is coming back into the team and we are improving after struggling early on. "But we have to forget these things and move on. We must think about Wigan and make sure we get another three points. That is what everyone has to think. "We have got to try to win every game. "We had a great result against Chelsea; it was tough and some players will be tired but we have got to get up again for Wigan."