Klopp claims Reds don't need a new centre-back

07 August 2017 03:45
Jurgen Klopp believes that Liverpool don't need to sign a new centre-back this summer.

As transfer deadline day edges closer, it looks like the Reds are going to miss out on one of their main targets this summer - Southampton defender Virgil van Dijk. After being accused of trying to tap up the player, Klopp has played it cool but despite the player now demanding a move and training on his own, it looks like Southampton are standing firm and determined to hold onto him.

"We have four. I don’t think we need more," Klopp said.

"Joe [Gomez] is in a really good way but it was not his day (against Athletic Bilbao). He made his life difficult with a few passes but things like this happen.

"In the moment I’m fine. We are open until the 31st (of August). We cannot force the things and we would never get a centre-back just because.

"We have the need, we have some but you don’t take any. It doesn’t work.

"Look out there and tell me five that would make us stronger, five. Then you win a prize! It’s difficult how it is.

"I’m happy. You can imagine we still work on different things and we will see if it works.

"I am here to work with this squad and not just always thinking ‘but if we don’t get this or this’. No. We could play tomorrow. It’s better that we don’t have to but we could play tomorrow."

Source: DSG