Is Brendan Rodgers Looking to Sell Luis Suarez?

24 May 2013 09:04

Every man has their price and it looks like Liverpool has determined a price for the services of one Luis Suarez. Though they haven’t come right out and said it, you can read between the lines and see that they have sent a cryptic message to the football world that Suarez is there for the taking.

Brendan Rodgers was quoted; “Listen, every player has their price but there’s certainly no pressure for the club to sell him. We’re trying to build that bit of quality so he’s not for sale”. This is just what you would expect to hear from a manager when he is talking about his star player. But why even indulge such a question that way? Maybe the powers to be at Liverpool believe that Suarez is no longer worth the trouble, bad press and ridicule that he has brought to the club over the last couple years.

Rodgers went on to say; “I don’t have any doubts there will be interest in him this summer, because he’s up there. There’s a small percentage of players who are world class and he’s in that bracket, so I don’t think it will be too dissimilar to when I first came in last summer, with clubs making their interest known.

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus have all been linked and have shown an interest in Suarez. With Daniel Sturridge finally getting a chance to show his talent and the cast of young go-getter’s that Rodgers has assembled, is there any need to hold on to Suarez at this point in time. Suarez is quite a talented footballer, but he is also selfish, immature and has brought tremendous embarrassment to a proud and historic club.

If offers are made, Liverpool should take the money and run. With what Rodgers has built so far, it will not be to long before Liverpool is again in the top four and fighting for a Premier League Crown.

Source: DSG