IAN RUSH: Nice Liverpool FC performance against Birmingham City is ruined by some ugly defending

11 November 2009 06:30
JUST when you think one thing has been fixed, something else breaks down to leave you back at square one. There wasn't a great deal wrong with Liverpool's efforts against Birmingham

City and for large parts of the game, I was impressed with our passing and movement, as it looked better than it had done for some time.

Had they played in such a fashion last season, that match would have ended with Liverpool running out comfortable winners and I don't think there can be too many arguments about the Reds being the better side on Monday night.

That, though, stands for little at this moment in time because an inability to keep clean sheets is costing Rafa Benitez and his players dearly; it meant a nice performance was ultimately ruined by some ugly defending.

I know people have been going on about zonal marking but you can't keep going back to that argument if players are not doing their jobs properly; it's easy to blame the manager but other than physically going out to clear the danger himself, what can he do?

True, you can't legislate for Birmingham's second goal but their opener was preventable and it's so disappointing that we didn't get a win to go into the international break, just to settle the current situation down.

Source: Liverpool_Echo