IAN RUSH: Late Liverpool FC winner at the Reebok was typical Steven Gerrard

01 September 2009 01:00
WHAT happened at the Reebok Stadium on Saturday was just typical Steven Gerrard. The skipper had taken some criticism after the defeat to Aston Villa but he never has two bad games in a row. It was a stunning finish to win the game after Fernando Torres had fired us back level. It was a crucial victory but we can't keep relying on those two players to rescue matches. They are only human and can't be expected to always be on hand to pull the team out of trouble. It's time that others took on some of the responsibility. Throughout the season those two will maybe have four or five bad games. And when Gerrard and Torres aren't at their best we need other players to put their hand up and produce the goods. It seems that when those two don't play well we don't win and that's wrong. It's a team game and others have to help out. Gerrard talked about how after the defeat to Villa there had been a big team meeting and I'm sure a few home truths came out.

Source: Liverpool_Echo