Ian Rush: England criticism of Liverpool FC's Glen Johnson was unfair

08 September 2009 12:00
GLEN JOHNSON came in for some unfair criticism after England's 2-1 win over Slovenia at Wembley. It reminded me of the stick John Barnes used to get when he played for the national side. People used to moan that he didn't perform for his country like he did for his club. In Barnes' case when he played for Liverpool he was allowed to do what he wanted, but when he played for England it was a much more restricted role. Maybe it's a similar situation with Glen because he has looked great for Liverpool so far. If you want your full-backs to attack then there's going to be space left at the back. In that situation you need help from your team-mates, especially the player in front of you, and Johnson didn't get that on Saturday. A lot has been said about the penalty England were awarded, with some accusing Wayne Rooney of diving. It was never a spot-kick but I don't think it was a dive. Rooney was going for the ball, their legs got tangled up and Wayne clipped him accidentally.

Source: Liverpool_Echo