How do you solve a problem like Liverpool's Luis Suarez?

02 July 2014 01:49

Luis Suarez has been at the centre of some of football’s most controversial situations, with the latest biting incident taking over what has probably been one of the best world cup tournaments to date.

After a magical display against England, it felt that this was truly going to Be Suarez’s opportunity to shine as one of the key players in the tournament and put to rest the negative press he had received over the years.

With sublime performances for Liverpool this season it felt that we were truly seeing the real Luis Suarez – the player had dominated the premier league, providing some of the best attacking football we had ever seen. The press seemed to warm to him, showing appreciation for his rare talent and articles were full of praise rather than negative comments of his behaviour on and off the field.

After seeing him tear the England defence apart and shatter their world cups dreams, the world eagerly awaited his next performance.

Then along came the Italy game, pressure mounting on both sides, desperately clinging onto their world cup dream. Was it expected or did we actually think that he couldn’t possibly repeat his past behaviour.

It appears that Suarez was at the brink of desperation to keep his hopes alive that he felt threatened by Georgio Chiellini’s strong presence. So he opted to bite into Chiellini’s shoulder and then claim that he was the victim and that he was the one that had been injured.

Suddenly that amazing season with Liverpool, that exceptional display he put in against England after coming back from injury disappeared and all the memories of negative and foul behaviour came flooding back.

The incident with Patrice Evra,racially abusing him and then refusing to shake his hand as if he had been the one who had had racist insults thrown at him.

The handball against Ghana – clearly showing video footage that he deliberately pushed the ball out with his hand.

The biting incident with PSV defender Otman, Kicking out at Michael Dawson and the list goes on.

Now with reports that Barcelona are expected to put a bid in for the troubled striker, the question is should Liverpool let their main man go?

Can they afford to keep putting up with this abnormal behaviour and repeatedly defend and mask him? This is clearly an ongoing problem with the troubled striker and he urgently needs to seek professional help to curb the problem.

Maybe Liverpool are best selling their star striker so that they concentrate on building a team with no distractions – Luis Suarez is clearly a big distraction for the mighty reds.

Source: DSG