Hodgson keeps faith in tactical approach

27 November 2010 02:30
Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson is confident he will find a solution to his team's away-day blues but it will not involve a radical change of approach. Hodgson is looking to build on their defensive stability by adding more goals but he believes that will come as a result of a run of improved performances and not through tinkering with their style. "Goalscoring is what it is down to. We haven't scored enough goals away from home or created enough goalscoring chances," said Hodgson. "There have been occasions where we have played too much football in front of the opposing defence, not got behind them enough or not got enough bodies into the box. "This is something we work on all the time and are attempting to rectify. "But I think you need to keep faith in your plan full stop when it comes to how the team defends and attacks, which the team work on every day."

Source: PA