Hillsborough remembered 20 years on: MATT BARLOW writes for the first time about the tragic day 20 y

13 April 2009 12:44
In 20 years, 12 of them spent working as a football reporter, I have never written a word about the Hillsborough disaster. I have barely spoken about it either. I was there as a teenager with a couple of mates and my girlfriend, who is now my wife, on her birthday. Thinking about what to write, I asked about her recollections. It was the first proper conversation we'd had on the subject since it happened and it didn't last long. We had all been stood on the Hillsborough Kop. One of my friends was a Liverpool supporter, the rest of us neutral, all in the Nottingham Forest end. Some images leap out vividly, others don't. My mate remembers it was hot and sunny but I've no recollection what the weather was like. Some memories are fuzzed, perhaps manipulated by television footage and newspaper reports which followed.

Source: Daily_Mail