HATCHET MAN: It will take a lot more than the LMA to end the war of words between Fergie and Rafa

21 April 2009 09:21
If anyone seriously believes the LMA have any chance of calming the war of words between Sir Alex Ferguson and Rafael Benitez, they clearly have not been paying attention to Premier League football for long. Chief executive Richard Bevan may well have contacted the pair and have all the best intentions, but he must know that unless he is aiming for a cosmetic PR hit the exercise is one in futility. If combustible Manchester United manager Ferguson has set his sights on Benitez nothing will stop him landing verbal blows. The League title could be at stake and he will do everything within his power to make sure no-one diverts it from the path to Old Trafford, even if that means sinking to unseemly and childish tactics again. Ferguson has been doing this for years and Benitez is a willing participant in the duel, even if the latest attack on him seemed unfairly contrived. Both managers have been around the game for a long time too and can comfortably cope with the mud that is being thrown. The LMA might not like Ferguson and Benitez battling it out in their playground but they are powerless to stop them, so they may as well leave them to it.  

Source: Daily_Mail