HATCHET MAN: Come on Lampard, let's be Frank - tell us what you really think of Chelsea's trophy hop

22 April 2009 09:07
Frank Lampard seems to have gone all coy about Chelsea's prospects. [LNB]After repeatedly talking up the team and appearing keen to present a bullish outlook for them, the England midfielder now apparently 'hates' talk of the treble because it intensifies the pressure. [LNB]  More from Hatchet Man... HATCHET MAN: When the Black Cats boss is away... Sunderland chairman Quinn Keane to slam ex-manager Roy22/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Platini needs to take a time out if he thinks 10-minute breaks can get rid of racists22/04/09 HATCHET MAN: American dream is now the nightmare Hicks and Gillett deserve at Liverpool22/04/09 HATCHET MAN: It will take a lot more than the LMA to end the war of words between Fergie and Rafa21/04/09 HATCHET MAN: There's 45m reasons why O'Neill should stop moaning21/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Jagielka is wrong - Everton can't count themselves as a big club21/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Forgetful Bent feels the chill at Tottenham as Harry plays it tough21/04/09 HATCHET MAN: Wolves must go for the kill on their return to the Premier League20/04/09 VIEW FULL ARCHIVE You could be forgiven for thinking that he doesn't believe they are up to the task. [LNB]It might look difficult for Chelsea now, but temporary manager Guus Hiddink is staying positive. [LNB]'Mathematically, the treble is possible,' said the Dutchman. [LNB]In relation to the title race, he added: 'As long as we have the chance mathematically, or even a bit more, to chase them down is perfect.' [LNB]Presumably, Lampard is irritated by Hiddink's claims, but he shouldn't be. [LNB]The pressure is there anyway and even the most blinkered of fans can read a league table. [LNB]Everyone knows Chelsea are outsiders, but surely no-one would believe someone as ambitious as Lampard had given up on any of the trophies they could still win.[LNB]So why pretend?  [LNB][LNB][LNB] Playing it cool: Lampard is refusing to talk up Chelsea's treble chances[LNB]  MARTIN SAMUEL: English clubs are the envy of Europe, so why listen to MPs?One-club wonders: Sportsmail's guide to the top 15 players who only ever kissed a single badge - just like 600-up Paul ScholesMancienne fits the Barca bill for Hiddink as Chelsea plot to stop MessiMARTIN SAMUEL: How Hiddink the winner has given Chelsea the blues CHELSEA FC

Source: Daily_Mail