HATCHET MAN: Come on Lampard, let's be Frank - tell us what you really think of Chelsea's trophy hop

22 April 2009 09:07
Frank Lampard seems to have gone all coy about Chelsea's prospects.

After repeatedly talking up the team and appearing keen to present a bullish outlook for them, the England midfielder now apparently 'hates' talk of the treble because it intensifies the pressure.

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It might look difficult for Chelsea now, but temporary manager Guus Hiddink is staying positive.

'Mathematically, the treble is possible,' said the Dutchman.

In relation to the title race, he added: 'As long as we have the chance mathematically, or even a bit more, to chase them down is perfect.'

Presumably, Lampard is irritated by Hiddink's claims, but he shouldn't be.

The pressure is there anyway and even the most blinkered of fans can read a league table.

Everyone knows Chelsea are outsiders, but surely no-one would believe someone as ambitious as Lampard had given up on any of the trophies they could still win.

So why pretend? 

Playing it cool: Lampard is refusing to talk up Chelsea's treble chances

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Source: Daily_Mail