Gerrard learns from past errors

26 September 2009 10:59
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has said that his recent trial changed him. The England international was charged with affray after becoming involved in an argument in a Southport bar after Liverpool had beaten Newcastle United 5-1 nine months ago. Gerrard was found not guilty at Liverpool Crown Court but accepts that it was a difficult time for him. He told The Daily Mail: "The trial changed me. I had to learn from it, learn from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, what hour I'm out, where I go out. I'll be more careful in future. "From now on, if we win 5-1, if I score two goals and we go top of the league, I won't try to enjoy it in a bar with my mates anymore. I'll go for a meal and be in my house by half-past-ten. We get paid very well and there have to be sacrifices. "Throughout the trial I kept telling myself that whatever happened I would never be back in one of these rooms again. It was not a pleasant place to be, the whole experience was very frightening and intimidating. "I have never been through anything like it. I kept thinking of my team-mates away in Thailand playing football, and me being so far from where I should be. "You have to be able to let your hair down like anyone else but I have always tried to treat people as they treat me. I think I have had respect because I give respect back. "There have been very few instances when I have had problems, but I will think about my spare time, even my holiday time, more carefully now. I reckon I have another six years as a professional footballer. It is not so long to make those choices."

Source: ESA

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