Gerrard curses ref

11 February 2010 11:15
Steven Gerrard was left cursing Howard Webb yesterday. Liverpool were denied a blatant penalty in injury time yesterday when Cesc Fabregas handled the ball from a Gerrard free-kick. Unfortunately for the Reds, prima-dona Webb either missed it or ignored it, to the fury of the skipper. "It was a penalty. The referee told the Liverpool wall in the first half that if anyone raised their arms above their waist he would give a penalty," he said. "So, for some crazy reason, he has not give the decision. He said to me he hadn't seen it. But it’s unbelievable if a referee can't see someone raise their arms in a wall. "He told the Liverpool wall 'nobody raises their hands'. Surely it's the same rules for Arsenal? "Over the course of the season, sometimes you don't get decisions, other times you get decisions that you don't deserve. "But something so clear like that – when a referee is looking straight at the wall – you would expect [to get] it. Certainly with Howard Webb. "I'd say he's one of the best in the league, so I'm very surprised he hasn't seen it. If we get a penalty and score, it’s 1-1 and we are still hunting Arsenal for third place. "Now Arsenal have taken the three points and it’s that bit harder for us."


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