Football Supporters' Federation in warning over ticket prices

10 February 2016 08:23

Football Supporters' Federation chairman Malcolm Clarke believes stadiums will be filled with "tourists" if ticket prices are allowed to rise even further.

Clarke, who wants Barclays Premier League clubs to help bring down the price of tickets, told BBC Sport he fears local supporters could be replaced with "foreign tourists with half-and-half scarves taking selfies of being in an English ground".

Liverpool fans walked out of Saturday's Anfield meeting with Sunderland in protest at next season's prices, with some matchday tickets set to cost £77.

Clarke said a majority of Premier League clubs voted in favour of capping away ticket prices at £30 during a secret ballot held last week, but the proposal failed to garner the support of the required 14 clubs.

The clubs will discuss the issue again in March, according to Clarke.

The FSF chairman feels the incoming £5.1billion television rights deal would allow clubs to let every supporter into every home game for free next season and still bring in the same revenue.

Source: PA