FOOTBALL FORUM: Stunned by blind devotion to Rafael Benitez - Liverpool FC

11 November 2009 06:00
IT IS sad that there are 'none so blind as those who will not see" when it comes to Liverpool Football Club and its loyal fans these strange days.

One can only be stunned at the blind devotion of many fans to a manager who in company with the owners is totally responsible for the debacle that now pervades, once glorious Anfield.

It is no good completely blaming the already-proven fallible remote owners who had indeed sanctioned very much ill-afforded expense on players that are just not up to standard for the Premier League, let alone Conference leagues.

If the system is NOT working, and it clearly isn't, or players are not fit to play or competent enough or the tactics deployed are questionable, then it is the man who makes these decisions who is solely to blame! Why does nobody raise this?

The 'buck' stops with the decision maker - a nice chap, wrong job!

Experienced, much-heralded ex-players and all the pundits can see it, so why can't the 'Rafa club' even see through this Rafa-haze?

A Davies

I CANNOT believe so many people are still blaming Rafa for the result against Birmingham. Don't get me wrong - I'm horrified by our run of results of late.

But the team had nearly four-fifths possession and five times as many shots on goal as the opposition. That surely suggests the team was doing something right. What else could Rafa do apart from run on the pitch and put the ball in the back of the net himself?

Now I think some work on set pieces might be overdue (and I'd take Steven Gerrard off corner duty altogether and stick him 20 yards out where he can pick up half-clearances). But you sometimes don't get any lucky breaks and sometimes the players themselves - notably the defenders - need to get their performances up a gear.

But here's a question - leaving aside the fact that we'd all prefer the three points in the bag right now, would you still be satisfied if our opponents had 80% possession and a 5:1 ratio of shots at goal?

I'd take more hope for the future from that performance against Birmingham, than if we'd won 3-2 but played like them. If we keep playing like that the results will start going our way.


Source: Liverpool_Echo