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Fans clash on streets after Liverpool FC's win over Napoli (PICS VIDEO)

05 Nov 2010 08:23:00

ITALIAN football fans were involved in fighting with Liverpool supporters last night after watching their side lose at Anfield. Around 40 Napoli supporters, some armed with sticks and with leather belts wrapped tightly around their knuckles, attacked a group of hooded Liverpool youths after the match. The major flashpoint came on Walton Lane, outside Everton FC's Goodison Park. Police vans, officers on horseback and on foot swooped to contain the chaos, eventually rounding up the Italians to stop them roaming the streets around Stanley Park. The Walton Lane incident happened at around 11pm, shortly after the Italians had been escorted from Anfield to their coaches on Walton Hall Avenue. Witnesses reported seeing a large group of young Italian man, shouting 'F*** Liverpool!' charge at some Liverpool youths, one of who was heard to shout 'get the bat!'. A frightened witness said: 'They've got their belts wrapped round their hands with the buckles hanging down ready to swing and get people. 'They look organised, with their faces covered and hoods up, like they've done this kind of thing before.'


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