Examining Yann M'vila's potential transfer to Liverpool

26 November 2013 11:12

As soon as France international Yann M'vila was spotted on in the away end during last weekends Merseyside derby, the rumour mill and twitter went into meltdown.

M'vila posting a picture of the pair holding up Sakho's Liverpool shirt, M'Vila said on Facebook: 'Thank you to Mamadou Sakho for his invitation. I have taken a great deal of pleasure to come see this derby between Everton and Liverpool. A great game of football!'' I'm going back with the jersey of Steven Gerrard, one of my favorite players. Mamad thank you again brother!'

In the crazy world of football you never know exactly whats happening until its done and dusted. So could M'vila's appearance at the Everton vs Liverpool game actually hold some truth to the rumours over his potential switch to Liverpool?.

Lets look at it from a Liverpool fans point of view:

1. He turns up to the arguable one of the most exciting fixtures in Liverpool's calendar.

2. He leaves with Steven Gerrard's game shirt, who also happens to be his favorite player (via his facebook page).

3. His best friend (Sakho) signed for the Reds in the summer and he's already loving life on Merseyside (quotes from the a story on Liverpool's website back this up "I wouldn't have changed my choice for anything in the world".

4. Liverpool are in need of a player in the mould of the Frenchman as he plays Defensive Midfield a position which Liverpool only really have Lucas to play in, and lets face it he could use healthy competition.

5. Brendan Rodgers recent hinted at january additions saying "We've got a squad and we've got enough cover but in the future the focus is on bringing in players that can come straight in and improve our team." M'vila definitely fits the bill in terms of improving the squad and being able to go straight into a team.

As a Liverpool fan i hope he signs for the Reds in January, as capturing a player of his talents would obviously be another fine addition to the squad and would prove another bit of smart January business by Rodgers and the Liverpool committee.

Source: DSG