Everton tactics helped Reds says Rafa

08 February 2010 09:22
Everton's tactics made it easy for Liverpool to win Saturday's derby says Rafael Benitez. The way the Bitters failed to take advantage of the extra man following Sotirios Kyrgiakos's sending off, along with their usual ale-house football, meant they played into the Reds' hands according to the boss. "I was surprised. I was expecting more penetrating passes and also for them to try and play on the floor," said Benitez. "They had Arteta on but they played direct. That made it easier for us. It was easier to control and we continued to do our job in defence. "When you are losing with 11 players against 10 but you have to win, sometimes you are a little bit more nervous and play more direct. That made it easier for us to control the situation. It suited us." Follow @liverpool on Twitter     Become a fan of LFC Online on Facebook