DAVID PRENTICE: Talk of Liverpool FC leaving Anfield is nothing new

12 November 2009 12:00
HISTORY often repeats itself. And the uncertainty over Liverpool's current ground move proves that football is no different.

After the split in 1892, Liverpool quickly encountered the same difficulties that Everton had before them, with the Orrell brothers, who owned land adjacent to Anfield, seeking to exercise their right to build a road where a stand had been constructed.

And for a time, it looked like Liverpool were set to move from the ground which would become one of the most famous in football history.

Peter Lupson explained: 'The Athletic News of June 4, 1894 reported 'Liverpool FC is face to face with the same difficulty as beset the Everton club and which led to the latter club going to Goodison Park. As most people know, the Liverpool ground is cramped for room and would be to the extent of 10 yards more if the landlord of the adjoining land would care to insist on his rights.

'The Liverpool club want to secure the land, but the owners' price is exorbitant and cannot be entertained.

'The Liverpool club has taken the precautions of securing another ground early.

'We don't know if it's a secret in that locality, but it's on the Old Swan tramlines and is easily accessible by rail.'

Source: Liverpool_Echo