Crouch told to keep working

06 September 2006 03:32
Rafael Benitez has warned England striker Peter Crouch that he cannot afford to let his new-found fame distract him from the aim of helping Liverpool to win trophies. Crouch is enjoying the adulation generated by a run of ten goals in his last nine international appearances, but the Reds boss is more interested in the potential impact the hype could have on his Premiership form. "I am very happy for Peter but also worried," Benitez told the club's official website. "People are talking highly of him right now and as a manager that's good because it's always important for a player to have confidence. "But I also have to say to him 'be careful' because things can change in a week in football. He must keep his feet on the ground. "When people are saying nice things about you it's sometimes easy to stop working as hard because you think you're better than you are. "I'm sure that won't be the case with Peter because he is clever and he will carry on working hard and moving forward."

Source: ESA