Crewe's Dario Gradi fumes at alleged Liverpool FC 'poaching'

08 September 2009 09:15
LIVERPOOL'S youth recruitment policy is under scrutiny after Crewe claimed an illegal approach for teenager Max Clayton. Director of football Dario Gradi revealed the League Two club had complained in the wake of FIFA's decision to ban Chelsea from signing any players until January 2011. Gradi did not name the club or player in question but he was referring to the Reds' interest in the 15-year-old striker. 'We have a situation where one of our 15-year-olds has been approached,' said Gradi, who was Crewe boss between 1983 and 2007. 'He's an outstanding player by any standards and he has come in and told us he wants to leave right now to join a big club. 'The big clubs are stealing other people's players and you worry financially for the clubs where the players are stolen from. 'What sort of compensation are we going to get for all the work that has gone into developing him?

Source: Liverpool_Echo