Comparing the midfield talents of Liverpool and Chelsea: Fresh versus Star

25 July 2014 10:17

There have been various signings of midfielders in the English Premier League clubs this season. And there are young yet promising midfielders joining this physical League. Some clubs though, are going for the outright proven stars using their financial power. Here’s comparing the two midfielders that Chelsea and Liverpool have signed:

Liverpool: The arrival of Emre Can is not something that fans ‘jump in joy’ for. But the versatile and strong box-to-box midfielder is of the “Shweinsteiger” and “Gerrard” mould. Tremendous running and work-rate added to the thunder bolt of a strike will make the Captain Fantastic of Liverpool see himself sometimes.

Tactically, Gerrard might get the occasional rest with Can replacing him as a holding midfielder, owing to his versatility. The tremendous energy and work-rate that will build up with Can and Henderson both playing in the midfield will be essential for Brendon Rodgers. Not to mention Can’s habit of making ‘Gerrard-esque’ runs into the box. He can play at the defensive midfield, proper central midfield, as a number 10 and even right back.

Chelsea: It would be enough only if I said that “Chelsea have Cesc Fabregas in their squad now”. Jose Mourinho is a master technician. And no one can predict how many ways he will use the gifted passer to a devastating effect. With Frank Lampard gone, Chelsea has a dream replacement and a proven world-class attacking midfielder.

Tactically, we can expect Matic to become a more stable and immobile midfielder, allotted the duty of reading the game and breaking the opposition. Fabregas will replace Oscar in the central attacking role, and he will be one of those feeding the poacher, Diego Costa with juicy passes. However a lot of versatility cannot be expected from him. He is just a brilliant midfielder. Period.

Source: DSG