Comolli praises owners

01 September 2011 09:31
Damien Comolli was full of praise for the club's owners following the closure of the transfer window. Liverpool brought in seven new players this Summer and allowed plenty to leave and Comolli was grateful that John Henry and Tom Werner allowed Kenny Dalglish to bring in his new signings before having to get rid of the flops and outcasts. "It's difficult for me to put into words what they gave us throughout the summer. Their support was absolutely tremendous, in the down times and in the up times," said the Reds' Director of Football. "When they needed to invest money we didn't think they'd have to, John and Tom were unbelievably helpful. I think we are very lucky to have these owners because people need to realise a lot of owners would have said the squad is too big so you need to reduce it, and then when you've done that bring some players in. But that was never the approach they had. They were happy to take risks and happy for us to spend the money, they were happy to support us and to trust us as well. "I told them in the summer we need to buy players first and towards the end of the window there would be a lot of movement with players going out, and they were very, very brave to accept that, having had no experience of a similar transfer window. "From the outside it might be difficult to understand, but from my side their support was absolutely tremendous."