Comolli expects Hodgson harmony

15 November 2010 07:38
Damien Comolli will be "involved in everything related to football" in his new role at Liverpool - but will not tell Roy Hodgson who to sign.

Comolli joined Liverpool earlier this month - just weeks after the takeover of the club by New England Sport Ventures (NESV) - as the club's director of football strategy, having previously served in a similar role at Tottenham and French outfit St Etienne.

While at Spurs Comolli forged a reputation as a shrewd dealer in the transfer market, masterminding the signings of Gareth Bale, Dimitar Berbatov, Luka Modric, Heurelho Gomes and Roman Pavlyuchenko.

NESV described Comolli's appointment as "the first step in creating a leadership group and structure designed to develop, enhance and implement our long-term philosophy", although his arrival has also cast doubt over the depth of Hodgson's influence at the Merseyside outfit.

Comolli insists, however, that his role should not be seen as a threat to Hodgson's authority in the transfer market.

"I think sometimes it becomes controversial and it should not be. As [Liverpool owner] John Henry said, it will be a consensus among us," Comolli explained.

"That's the way John sees it, that's the way I see it and that's the way Roy sees it.

"The manager's decision and the manager's opinion on a player is absolutely crucial.

"As far as I am concerned, and the way I have always worked in this job, is do not bring a player in who the manager doesn't like because there's no point.

"Talking in very basic terms, if you bring a player in who the manager doesn't like you are just wasting money, that's the bottom line.

"That's the way I have always been working and I expect with Roy it will be exactly the same thing."

Comolli does not expect to have any problems in forming a working partnership with Hodgson.

"We already had a good relationship from my time at Spurs when he was coach at Finland or Fulham," Comolli told in his first interview since joining the club.

"We've been talking at length since I joined, several times a day on different issues and different matters, not only related to the transfer window or to scouting, we talk about everything.

"I think this relationship is going to grow in a positive way, that's for sure. We see things the same way.

"So far everything we have discussed we totally agree and have the same vision. I expect that's going to go on."

Asked why NESV felt the need to create such an influential role for Comolli, he added: "I think it was just a feeling between the owners, and Roy as well, that they wanted someone to be in there and come and help on a daily basis, support Roy in terms of making sure there is the best structure around all the club in all the areas which are football related.

"I think John Henry and [Liverpool chairman] Tom Werner really wanted someone to be in there to look at what we are going to do for the future.

"Having a daily involvement with Roy - we've been talking on a daily basis, sometimes having small meetings twice a day or three times a day - obviously working with the sports science team and the doctor, working with the video analysts, working with the academy, working with the scouts, that's the area I will cover."

Source: Team_Talk