Cole's vow

23 February 2011 11:28
Joe Cole has vowed to be a success at Liverpool.  Cole's first season as a Red has been an eventful one, with a change of ownership and a change of manager. Add to this his own disrupted season with injury, and it's understandable why the England international hasn't had the impact he would have liked. However, he is still hopeful of being a success at Anfield. "It was good [to play against Sparta]. It was important for me to get a game under my belt as I'd only trained twice, so it was nice to come on early," said the midfielder. "I didn't expect that and it was good to get going again. Hopefully all the little niggles and injuries I can put behind me and I can concentrate on the end of the season. "It's not gone how I would have liked, but that's life. Things like that happen and you've just got to push on through the difficult times. I've had plenty of good times in my career and I've had my share of difficult times, and I'll always come through. "I'm determined to be a success here. I'm working hard every day. The main thing is the club - it's all about Liverpool. "I'm pleased it (team's form) has turned around and we're going in the right direction, and if Liverpool can keep going there, I'd love to be part of it. "I've enjoyed moving up here and living where I am. I haven't enjoyed the football because I haven't felt as though I have done myself justice or got myself right. I have been frustrated with the injuries. But that's all going to change. "I'll just keep going, keep training hard and it will turn the corner sooner rather than later. "The fans and the people of Liverpool have been great with me. I've played for West Ham and Chelsea in my career and you can tell by the way I speak that I am a London boy, so when I came up here it was a shock to people. I'd had offers in London, but I wanted to come and test myself and you have to go through difficult times. "I'm fired up, still positive and still got enough energy - I want to be a success at Liverpool and I want to be part of this club. I joined because I knew I was joining a massive club with great history. "It still gets me excited when I go to Anfield. I haven't played there for a long time, but I just want to get out there on the pitch and play."