Chance to own favourite snapshots of Liverpool FC defender Jamie Carragher

18 November 2009 01:00
EVERY picture tells a story - but they don't all provide the kind of memories on offer in Jamie Carragher's 23 Foundation collection.

The 23 Foundation is a new initiative that has been launched by the Liverpool defender to raise sustainable funds to provide help to young people across Merseyside.

With an initial target of raising £2million, the plan is to use the interest gained to pump £100,000 a year back into the community to assist those in need.

'The whole idea of the 23 Foundation is to provide young people in the region with the means to make a difference in society by giving them an outlet through football and sport,' explains Carragher.

'But the main aim is to raise as much money as possible for people in Merseyside with an emphasis on helping youngsters.

'There's no set idea of exactly where it will go. Each year we'll look at different causes and projects and then see where we feel the money will be best spent.'

Plans for a testimonial match at Anfield to help raise funds are in their infancy but Carragher has already launched a website through which fans can bid for some of his treasured Liverpool shirts, make a donation, or buy one of 23 personalised pictures all of which chart various stages of his incredible playing career.

He adds: 'It's early days for the 23 Foundation but the feedback we've had so far has been really positive.

'I'm happy to personalise I'm planning to put a new shirt on the website every 23 days, not just my own but also from some of my team-mates.

'The first is one of my European shirts from this season, just while we get things going. The next one will be my shirt from the 2007 Champions League final. That will be on there in the next week or so.'

Here, Carragher talks us through a selection of the pictures you can find on the 23 Foundation website and explains why they mean so much to him.

Source: Liverpool_Echo