Carragher: I'm not over the hill

16 October 2009 08:13
Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has vowed to silence the critics who have suggested he is over the hill. Carragher, 31, has been singled out for criticism by some pundits in a struggling side which has already lost three Premier League games this season. However, the former England international is determined to answer his critics on the pitch. "What will happen now is every time I have a bad game people will mention my age, whereas before it was just me having a bad game," he said. "I look after myself. It's just that when things aren't going well for you, nothing goes well. "It's happened to me before, after the 2006 World Cup - any mistake I made seemed to end up in the back of the net. "At the moment I'm not playing well, I know that. But I've the strength of character to put it right. "We all love it when we get praised. "You can't have it one way and not the other - you've got to take the stick as well."

Source: ESA