Captain Luis Suarez

23 December 2013 02:07

When Brendan Rodgers announced two weeks ago that Luis Suarez would be taking the armband; it was met with mixed reactions. Some though it was nothing more than a ploy by the manager to appease a temperamental player, while some saw it as a show of support to a man who has had his “moments” while in Liverpool kit.

No one is his right mind can deny that Luis Suarez is a sensational player and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, he is that good; you only had to watch Saturday’s match at Anfield to see that for yourself. Two more goals and his unselfish assist to Raheem Sterling in the 42 minute and you can see the growth in his play. The question is, is he “captain” material? So far it is looking like Rodgers is Manager of the Year and Liverpool our once again title contenders.

Suarez has taken on the responsibilities with a great sense of duty and has shown the changes from selfish player and flopper to team leader. You can see it in his play and if you watched closely, he is making changes on the pitch, shouting encouragement to his team mates and arranging players on set pieces. He has taken the role as leader and run with it.

This past week, Suarez signed a new long term contract that will pay him around £200,000 per week through 2018. There is said to be a non-English team escape clause in the contract that says he could leave if a team were willing to pay the approximate £60 million transfer fee. It has been well written that Real Madrid fancy bringing Suarez to the Bernabéu and Suarez was widely rumoured to be heading there this past summer; but hold on.

Suarez has stated over the last two weeks that he and his family are very happy at Liverpool and that he would not have signed a new contract if he were not. It is still too early to give Liverpool the trophy especially with a Boxing Day match with Manchester City and a date with Chelsea before the end of the year, but if Liverpool can win each of these away matches then they sure look like the front runners and team Captain, Luis Suarez will be leading the charge.

Source: DSG