Can Liverpool Win The Premier League in 2015?

30 July 2014 10:16

With all the heat of the new summer signings happening in these last few weeks since the end of the last football season, it appears as if there are going to be some very interesting changes in the 2014 – 2015 Premier League season. With the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United spending happily in signing players and managers alike, one has to ask where it will all end and who, out of them all, have been spending wisely this summer?

For all you betting people out there, a good bet for the League title this next year could be Liverpool FC. Their summer signings, apart from emptying Southampton FC of some of their star players, stands as perhaps, some very wise buying on their part. Yes, they had a windfall of 75 million pounds when a certain Uruguayan left to go to Spain, but even so, their signings so far could work very well in solidifying the defence as well as strengthening the attacking formation.

Last year, we saw the SAS in action; Sturridge and Suarez. This next year, we see the possibility of Rickie Lambert filling a role to work with Sturridge and Sterling to strengthen their attacking portfolio. If he can work with them and not be benched all the time in favour of those already there, all could be very interesting indeed. Signed from Southampton, he has had a summer in Brazil that saw very little action, but should be 4 million pounds well spent. Put that alongside the signing of midfielder Adam Lallana, again from Southampton for 25 million, and you get the possibility of the pairing working together again in red to provide force and depth in the middle of the field. Lallana is a star act, something we seldom see in the British ranks and should be afforded the chance to star in the middle of the field for Liverpool. He could become as famous as Keegan and Toshack in that red shirt if given the chance.

Then we see Liverpool paying an extra 10 million for the midfielder Emre Can from Bayern Leverkusen and buying the services of Lazar Markovic from Benfica for 20 million which will add to the dynamism in the centre. With the added investment made into the defender Dejan Lovren, also from Saints for 20 million and the new signing of Belgian rising star, Divock Origi, signed from Lille for 10 million, we begin to see something of what Liverpool are trying to do. Origi in particular, shone in Brazil when he got the chance to play.

But the question is how the team will be put together with all these new signings. On paper all this looks very good for Liverpool, especially as some of their players are closing in on retirement from the game, but with Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has openly stating about his own team that he thinks there are too many number 10s it is possible that Liverpool could suffer the same fate, either being too full in the midfield at the expense of the defence, or vice versa.

So, if this man was to put his crisp, clean ten pound note on any team this year, it would be Liverpool. They will have strength and depth where perhaps some of the other teams are lacking but whether they have the bite to be able to score the same amount of goals as they did last year, notwithstanding the impression made by Luis Suarez, will remain to be seen.

Source: DSG