Boss talks about Torres future

07 November 2010 06:36
Roy Hodgson has spoken about Fernando Torres and his future at Liverpool. "He wants the club to do well, he wants to see that we're moving in the right direction," said Hodgson. "I think that you couldn't say too much while the club were in the throws of being sold. We're all in situation of wondering what our real future looked like. "Like myself he sees a bright future with the new owners who are prepared to invest in the club, who are prepared to help us and support us in our attempts to go forward, and I think like myself he regards that as a very positive sign. "He likes being in Liverpool, he likes playing for Liverpool Football Club, he's made that perfectly clear, so I don't have any fears for the future as far as he's concerned as long as we continue to do well and get back closer to the top of the table where everyone believes Liverpool belongs."