Boss keen to meet players

02 July 2010 07:52
Roy Hodgson is eager to meet the likes of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. Hodgson wants to meet the pair and quickly put an end to speculation over their future by persuading them their future remains at Anfield. "It's not a matter of what we're discussing, it's a question of me being very pleased and anxious to meet them," said the boss when asked what he would tak about with the duo. "They are two key players at the club, two key players in the future of Liverpool Football Club and two key players in my future as manager. "I am very anxious to speak to them and hear how they feel about the club, how they feel about things and basically just to talk to them on general football terms. "It's very important for the club, that's the first thing I've got to say. I personally can't nail their feet to the floor, but what I can do is try to persuade them that if they stay here we can have a good season and it's going to be a good club to play for. "I do know the club are very anxious to keep all of its best players, I'm very anxious to keep our best players and we will do everything within our power to do that. "But the fans are intelligent and they understand the situation - they can't expect me to sit here on my first day and give guarantees that nothing will ever happen."