Boss gets Seville advice

17 February 2010 07:44
Rafael Benitez has been speaking to Seville about Unirea Urziceni. Seville played our Europa League opponents in this season's Champions League, beating them 2-0 at home while losing 1-0 away so Rafa Benitez has been in contact with Seville boss Manolo Jiminez for information on the Romainians. "I was talking to some people at Seville, the manager. He was telling me some things about the team. The message is the same - they are well organised and have players with experience," said the boss. "I will try to win every game. People don't know the other team and it's not easy to see too much of them because they are not playing, so it will be tough. They have experience, some good players and they are well organised. "It's important for everyone to understand that if you have an opportunity to win silverware, you have to be ready. It's a chance we have."