Blood Red: No smiles on Liverpool FC's unhappy anniversary

06 February 2010 05:00
ANNIVERSARIES are usually happy affairs - but the one Liverpool mark today is anything but.

February 6, 2007 will forever be the date which marked the end of Liverpool Football Club as it was once known; it had the possibility to be one of the greatest moments in this club's history but it was the catalyst for a catalogue of misery.

Let's not kid ourselves. Since Tom Hicks and George Gillett waltzed through the doors of Anfield on this day three years ago, football, alarmingly, has almost become an afterthought.

Much was promised in the months that immediately followed, but little has been delivered; the only thing with which the Americans are synonymous is running up debts which have the potential to bring Liverpool to its knees.

For that is a very real situation. Never mind the sparkling new stadium, the only thing that matters to Liverpudlians is seeing a successful team that has the potential to win the Championship in May but they are as far away as they have ever been.

In the days after Hicks and Gillett became 'custodians' of Liverpool, a number of influential figures gave their thoughts on the pages of this paper about what they hoped the takeover would do for the club and, looking back now, one interview strikes a real chord.

'We're hoping it's going to help us get to the level of Manchester United,' said Jamie Carragher. 'It would be nice to think we'll have as much money as Chelsea but I think that is being unrealistic. Being able to compete in the transfer market with United would be good enough.

'Being able to sign players of the calibre they have managed in the last 10 years would make a big difference. I look at it as a supporter as much as a player. The main thing is to have a great team competing for honours every year in a brilliant stadium.'

Source: Liverpool_Echo

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