Big brother Luis

29 November 2011 12:39
Sebastian Coates has revealed how fellow Uruguayan Luis Suarez has helped him since he arrived at Liverpool. 

"He is like a bigger brother, not like a father," said the 21-year-old defender. "I appreciate very much all the help he has given me since I've been here.

"I'm not sure if he persuaded me to come - he encouraged me. He told me about life in Liverpool, at Liverpool Football Club. He also told me what a great club Liverpool was in Europe and England but I knew that.

"I'm settling in very well. I'm getting used to the city, getting used to the people and getting used to English football. I've had the help of Lucas and Luis and Maxi. That helps me very much.

"It is difficult but when I started my career as a footballer I was aware there was a possibility I'd have to move to play football in a different country. You have to adapt and make the best of a situation like this."