Barcelona to incorporate 'bite clause' in Suarez contract

30 June 2014 11:43

Luis Suarez will be looking to the future right now in his football exile and the reality of that future will include a specific clause as part of a formal bid for the Liverpool striker. The strikers contract is rumoured to contain a buyout clause that is rumoured to be lower if Barcelona or Real Madrid make a bid. The figure being talked about is £40million for Barca to take Suarez off their hands and they are said to want to incorporate guarantees for his future conduct to be agreed by the 27-year-old.

The initial negations are thought by TEAMtalk to have started already for a La Liga switch and it is unclear if Barca will look to incorporate a part-exchange into the deal as part of a the larger £80m fee that might include Liverpool targets Sanchez and Pedro.

The Uruguayan president has recently come out calling the Luis Suarez ban “fascist” according the The Mirror and branding FIFA “sons of b*****s” in a new attack on the decision to ban the striker. In what is being viewed as an unnecessary verbal escalation of tension over the case the 73-year-old is thought to have risked Uruguays bid to host the 20130 World Cup.

In the video uploaded to YouTube by journalist Sergio Gorzy, Mujica can be seen clasping his hand to his mouth in faux shock at what he's just said, before dismissively declaring "publish it."

Source: DSG