Agger: Suarez is unbelievable

09 November 2011 09:53
Liverpool's Daniel Agger hails fellow teammate Luis Suarez as a class act who gives a boost to the whole team. Luis Suarez T-Shirt -Buy Now!

"I think his performances speak for themselves," said the Danish defender.

"Everybody can see that he is a class player. He is so different. I cannot find any other striker that looks like him or plays like him.

"It's not because he does any fancy things or anything like that, he just gets the ball in front of goal and creates the chances for himself. Sometimes the way he gets the ball and the way he gets in on goal - you don't believe it.

"But all credit to him and if he can continue like that, he is definitely going to be one of the world's best.

"He does it every day in training, so we know how hard he is to play against. People can see every Saturday afternoon that defenders are struggling to keep him at bay.

"It gives everybody in our team a boost to know we have someone like that in attack. To achieve something, I think you need players like that in your team."