Agger seeks improvement

21 June 2010 11:28
Daniel Agger says Denmark need to improve. Although Denmark got their first win of the World Cup 2010 at the weekend, Agger knows they will have to improve their performances if they're to progress in the tournament. "Particularly in the first half, it was one of the worst performances we've given in a long time, our transitions were poor, we didn't cover well," said the Liverpool defender. "If they'd been a bit more clinical they would have scored more goals and we would have been out of it in the first half, but to our credit we do fight. "We tried to stand together and we scored two goals. We had other opportunities as well, but sometimes it became a bit of a kick-and-rush game, going up and down and up and down, and that's not really the way we want to play. "But we've got three points, that's the most positive thing I can say. "We know it was a really bad game, especially in the first half, we didn't play like a team. "We didn't play like we have to if we want to progress. Clearly it wasn't good enough but if you can still win playing like that it's a positive. "We are a team, we stand together as a team, and to our credit we did come back in the match. "It didn't look too good at one point, but the positive thing is that we did fight back."