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Thankfully Imps The Drooping Brewers Need Viagra

13 Apr 2011 07:25:23

Thankfully Imps The Drooping Brewers Need Viagra

The Bees have lost their sting and the Brewers their games in hand. Safety is around the corner but we must learn from history and quick.   The Brewers went down 1-0 to a late one at Bury with one Shaker and two Brewers seeing red.   With just the one game in hand now and perennial relegation fodder Barnet’s woes, we are getting safer thanks to events elsewhere. Fortunately the Imps can always rely on at least 2-3 sides each season to be poorer than ourselves. Last season saw Darlington and Grimsby go down with Cheltenham and Barnet sandwiched between us and the relegated pair, as the Imps achieved 50 points.   The season before saw us lose 0-2 at Sincil Bank to Aldershot of all visitors, on the last day of the season, but a rally had seen us finish mid table on 59 points. Luton and Chester went down with Grimsby third from bottom and Bournemouth just above them. Three had points deductions that year (Luton -30, Cherries -17 & Millers -15).  It is interesting to note that whoever finishes third from bottom normally goes the following season. Chester and Grimsby have both repeated the feat in the last couple of years illustrating that once you are down then history tends to repeat itself.   Keep the faith we will be lucky this year but something must change. But we certainly need a catalyst, someone to come in and change the status quo.  Because the current bunch, even though they may be nice people, are presiding over a sinking ship. Each year we get lower in the table mirrored by the crowds and trends within our business model.  A Sincil stitch in time could save nine because the Blue Square would mean oblivion. Mind you there is always a ground sale and potential share with Lincoln United as a springboard for another Conference Title. Mind 9 other League Clubs are currently preying for that.


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