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Lincoln City Contract Expiry Dates

14 Apr 2011 07:13:14

Lincoln City Contract Expiry Dates

Can't wait until the end of the season? Well here are the contract details for LCFC Let’s have a look at the latest contract details of the Lincoln City players ahead of the Crewe game as they seek to save their own skins and possible ours if need be – remember keep the faith -  for we will escape by the skin of our teeth this year.   So who are the heroes we would like to stay longer and the villains we can be rid of in June or lumbered with for another year. This will give those on the coaches something to discuss on the way to Crewe and Bury before the Cheltenham Cup final at the Bank on bank holiday Monday.   Things are in chronological order based on those on permanent deals, leaving first; but left out the loan players as Grimes, Hunt and Kilby are wishful thinking in our view.   31st May 2011   40 Kanyuka, Patrick     Defender 19 Jul 1987               15 Howell, Luke Midfielder          05 Jan 1987        39 Spencer, Scott         Striker     01 Jan 1989   30th June 2011   3 Anderson, Joe Defender 13 Oct 1989             10 Broughton, Drewe Striker 25 Oct 1978          18 Facey, Delroy Striker 22 Apr 1980               19 Clapham, Jamie Defender 07 Dec 1975         2 Green, Paul   Defender          15 Apr 1987        6 Hone, Daniel Defender          15 Sep 1989        25 Hughton, Cian Defender      25 Jan 1989       8 Keltie, Clark Midfielder         31 Aug 1983        20 Musselwhite, Paul    Keeper 22 Dec 1968                 Andy Hutchinson,    30th June 2012   1 Anyon, Joe    Goalkeeper          29 Dec 1986              7 Carayol, Mustapha Midfielder 10 Apr 1990     4 Watts, Adam             Defender 04 Mar 1988                 9 McCallum, Gavin Midfielder   24 Aug 1987     14 O'Keefe, Josh Midfielder         22 Dec 1988              31 Fuseini, Ali  Midfielder             07 Dec 1988               


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