Will It Be More Or less Games in 2011/12

19 April 2011 02:43
With season ticket renewals and a tough outlook ahead the FSF asks a few tough questions. Attention fans of Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton, Charlton Athletic, Bradford, Notts County, The Imps and Npower league 1 & 2 as a whole, we at LCM and the FSF have a survey for you.   FSF SURVEY: Will you be going to more or fewer games during the 2011-12 season? Will you be going to more or fewer games next season? Are you currently a season ticket holder at your club? If so do you plan on renewing for the 2011-12 season? In the aftermath of Rooney-gate we’re also interested to hear whether you’d feel inhibited taking kids to games. Does the cost, atmosphere, or swearing put you off? Or do you see shouting and swearing as all part of the game? We’re interested to know our members’ views on these issues. Click here and let the FSF know your views via this quick two-minute survey. We'll publish the results in a future edition of Fan Mail; the FSF's regular newsletter delivering all the latest news and views from the organisation that campaigns for you - the match going fan.